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Here at D+V design, working from home is not new to us. In our opinion, having a designated space to work in is extremely important. In this new constant work-from-home environment, having an area that you can count on for everyday use is essential!

Now is the time to design the best possible space in which you can work from home. This means improving the area where you can do your job more effectively and creatively!

The essentials//






The fun stuff//


Area rug

Desk accessories

Whatever your needs are, chances are you need a home office- whether you are working with a complete room, a nook, or a pull-out shelf. It’s up to you to make the space an office that you enjoy and excited to

work in.

We want to share some office design ideas that will make you want to sit down and get to work!

Your workspace can be anywhere in the house, from your bedroom to your hallway or even inside your closet … the most important thing is to actually designate a space for it and design it to fit your needs with attention to the details that make the whole difference.

Double Trouble //

A build-in dual work station- contains light colors and symmetrical workspaces for both workers as not to create too much chaos within the design of the space. It is very sleek yet has a splash of color. It conveniently has designated space for storage that keeps the area organized, open, and inviting.

Source: Pinterest

Coming Out of the Closet //

Closet office- These folding doors close at the end of the day to mask the mess you’ve (maybe unconsciously) made while working. Drawers and shelves add functionality and organization to complete a fun, convenient workspace.

Source: Pinterest

In the Bedroom //

You can very simply find space in a decent-sized bedroom to incorporate a minimalistic workspace! Here, the workspace is located by the bed, giving 2 purposes to the art on the wall. On the one hand, it is artwork above the mattress, complementing the design of the bedroom while, on the other hand, providing your eyes with something to enjoy as you work. The combination of light colors and wood gives off a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.  

Source: Fantastic Frank via My Domaine

Integrated //

Living room workspace- For those who don’t need a massive amount of space to work in, a small desk connected to a library gives a cohesive look and ties everything together.



Source: Pinterest

On the Way to...//

Hallway workspace- A simple wooden plank with shelves above it, a designer chair, and an area rug gets the job done and creates a feeling of something that cohesively integrates with the architectural structure of the house.

Photo credit: Shannon Mcgeath

Architect: Robson Rak


We will create a space you enjoy working in!

We make your Dream our Vision

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