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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

With all the interior design shows being canceled or moved to an online platform, we are longing for inspirational getaways.

This summer was unusual in so many ways. However, we found ourselves more creative about so many aspects of our lives. Working from home, entertaining our kids more than we used to, and finding a location for our family vacation. Every summer, we pack ourselves up and travel across the Atlantic ocean to visit our home away from home ISRAEL. This year we can't, so we found ourselves looking for beautiful getaways that we would love to share with y'all.


This company is called Getaway, and they offer some absolutely stunning rural cabins. The interior features a loft for a queen-sized bed, a nook with a twin bunk bed, a dining table, and built-in bookshelves that are stocked with literature and board games.

The Getaway tiny houses are always built on beautiful rural land. They are usually rented by night to city dwellers looking to escape the city noise. It’s a perfect weekend getaway to recharge.


"Only" 13 hours from Dallas, TX, but so worth it!!! The beautiful white beaches, a lot of public free access points, clear water, and white powdery sand, who needs more than that? We loved Santa Rosa beach!!! It doesn't have nearly as many "touristy" things as Seaside, so it's not as crowded (We are still in a pandemic remember…). We rented a big house for both families and cleaned it really well upon arrival. Don't get us wrong; it was perfectly clean, but we are kind of in panic mode… hahaha! We had a simple routine for the week of waking up, making breakfast together, spending most of our day at the beach, indulging in some ice cream, and coming back to the house to make a delicious dinner. It was so much fun; we would definitely go back!


Did you know you can drive a REALLY long time and still be in Texas? It's true!

We would love to take our families on a road trip with an RV, and there are so many options… One of the biggest advantages of renting out an RV is that you can bring it home, clean it VERY well, and make it into a homey space by equipping it with your inseparable coffee machine, your favorite linens, your cooking utensils, and even some succulents!

Here are some places we recommend visiting with your RV...

Marfa // a small desert city in West Texas, is a beautiful art hub- full of galleries and artists to look at. It displays huge indoor and outdoor installations throughout the whole year. You might recognize Marfa for its “Prada Marfa”, a permanent sculptural art installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragset. Big Bend is about another hour if you want to keep the road trip going.

Palo Duro Canyon // Out in dusty West Texas near George Strait's favorite town, Amarillo, you'll find the second largest canyon in the country. Since the other one is the Grand Canyon, second isn't so bad. At Palo Duro, you can hike, bike, drive, and even travel by horseback to explore the canyons.


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