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In our opinion, the kitchen is the core and heart of the home. Therefore, a good kitchen design significantly impacts daily life through both form and function. Throughout our most recent kitchen project, we were able to transform the space, highlighting so much of what we love about residential design.

To us, simplicity is everything; in this project, we made sure to strip the space of its heavy, dark features into a minimalistic yet warm space.

With closed-off angles, dark tones, and limited counter space, the kitchen in our client's home wasn't working for them functionally or visually. However, our clients had a vision in mind- their dream kitchen was filled with a light brightness. In this open space, they could not only cook but also entertain and simply spend time together.

The first step is to ask a lot of questions to get a clear idea of their vision and how do they want to use their new kitchen.

For example-

  • Do you use your kitchen as a place to gather the family and how often do you entertain?

  • What is your day to day routines?

  • Do you need more space or just better use of the space you have?

We returned to the studio to create 3 optional layouts for them to choose from.

We always make sure to spend a little extra time understanding the clients' needs, especially with kitchen design. Allowing the client some creative freedom and options, we created three unique design concepts for this kitchen. Which one is your favorite?

To create a spacious look that was still functional, we decided to remove everything that disrupted the flow. From the angled cabinetry/ pantry to the oddly placed pole, we changed everything. We installed new cabinets and an island in the middle with more storage space.

In doing this, we were able to open up their space and bring in more seating through counter stools where they could eat their meals together.

Seeing the joy in our clients' eyes after seeing the end result of their kitchen left us with an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

We hope we can create the kitchen of your dreams as well :)


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