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The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.

This year specifically, this word was defining, motivating, inspiring, and challenging in every aspect of our professional and private lives. Why is that exactly?

Professional - This year, we found the importance of discovering our clients' exact needs- precisely what we do on our first initial consultation meeting and brainstorm meeting to follow. We talk about design styles, space needs, and wants, asking many questions. We saw with all our clients how crucial it is to find those precise details at the beginning of our design process. This prevents any misunderstandings and allows for the expression of the clients' precise style.

Private - We ask ourselves daily what we do and why, how we can make it better. One of our personal goals was to take care of ourselves this year. Of course, expanding our business is extremely important to us. Still, it is so incredibly vital, physically and mentally, to take time for self-care. This year, we committed to Pilates class twice a week, once a week before our workday begins, and once during the weekend. We found that moving our bodies made us feel so much better. It allowed us to challenge ourselves and overcome these challenges, just as we love overcoming obstacles in projects and our work lives.

Professional - We precise our picks for our clients on a budget level and style. We learned this year that giving options is everything. Some clients aren't even aware of their true style until we show them a few different choices. Then, after presenting clients with 2-3 options to get to the most accurate one, the option that fits best, we help clients create their perfect home and discover their true style.

Private - We teach our kids to explore and stretch their limits, to get out of their comfort zone. After a year of COVID craziness, it was not easy to readjust to regular school and life. However, just like the amazing kids they are, they were able to show us how to be precise- not perfect, but precise in everything they try to do. They make sure to give their all in every aspect of their lives, whether it be academically, in the realm of competitive sports, or in their hobbies. Our kids inspired us this year with their extreme preciseness of effort.

Professional - We make sure to be knowledgeable in all design new materials and applications; we travel the world and attend design shows to bring our clients the best the world has to offer. Expanding your horizons and staying open-minded, as we often tell our clients, allows for a deeper understanding of the world around us, not just in design. Once you know what the world has to offer, you acquire the ability to be extremely precise in everything you do.

Being precise means having an eye for detail, and that is precisely what will allow you to stand out from others.

What was your word of the year? Let us know in the comments!


Photo credit: Chicbox Everyday Photography

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