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As the weather becomes more bearable, we can start entertaining outside again without dripping in sweat! There is nothing like summer entertaining, with laid-back laziness to everything and a lighter mood. But as our schedules become more and more packed, nothing is more relaxing than winding down the day with friends outside as the sun dips down in the sky. Suppose you have access to a balcony, patio, or backyard. In that case, it's time to design an area where you can enjoy a breezy barbeque or a casual cocktail. It's all about planning the perfect outdoor design. So, we did the work for you and rounded up a few of our best outdoor design tips.

Planning- lounge area, dining area, or both?

Before diving into furniture and the more minor details, it is crucial to look at the big picture.

What do you have room for, and what would you like to prioritize? For some people, there is room for both a dining area and a lounge area. For others, there is space for either or. For the latter, it is super important to ask yourself- what will you utilize more?

Do you enjoy hosting large dinner parties outside or hanging out on a comfortable couch enjoying the outside weather with family and friends? Setup is everything, and at D+V Design, we work with you to ensure all your needs and desires are met.

Style and feel- Upholstered or Non-Upholstered?

How should you determine which outdoor fabric suits you and your patio? So many options are available today, so learning the differences between fabric types can be overwhelming. We're here to help you understand specific terms and what to look for while shopping for patio furniture!

If you're willing to learn how to care for your fabric, outdoor furniture with fabric and cushions on your patio isn't necessarily bad.

One option is:

Sunbrella: This is a 100% solution-dyed acrylic, meaning the pigment is added to the fabric before the yarn is created. As a result, this weather-resistant upholstery lasts longer than traditional fabrics.

We recommend solution-dyed acrylics over yarn-dyed, as they are like a carrot when considering long-lasting color, meaning the color is the same for every layer. Like an apple peel, yarn-dyed fibers are on the fabric's outer surface. These tend to wear out and fade over time.

Sunbrella fun facts:

Stays cool in sunlight.

Water-, fade-, and mildew-resistant.


The little details that matter most- What accessories should I buy?

Even the most minor patio accessories can make a big difference.


Plants come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, mother nature is already surrounding you when you're outside, but why not add some curated potted plants to your patio scene?

Depending on your patio's theme and style, you can go with large pots, small pots, pretty flowers, leafy green plants, wall-mounted planters, cacti or succulents, hanging baskets, and so much more. The plant possibilities are endless.

Another of our favorites is keeping a vase full of fresh flowers on your outdoor table.

Throw pillows

Just as throw pillows complete the look of your living room or bedroom, they also add the perfect touch to your outdoor living space. We love to add cushions for comfort as well as style.

Choose comfortable and durable pillows that are fade-, stain-, and water-resistant, with covers that are easy to remove, so washing them is a breeze.

Outdoor rugs

The last on our list of great patio accessories: is an outdoor rug. The perfect addition to go under your furniture and the unsung hero of comfortable, stylish outdoor spaces. A rug can instantly anchor an outside area, adding warmth, style, and texture.

Polypropylene is a popular synthetic rug material or a rug made of 100% recycled polyester fibers that are a perfect fit for the great outdoors. Resistant to UV rays, a polypropylene outdoor rug will not fade under the glare of the hot sun. The material is also stain-resistant and relatively low maintenance, so you can feel comfortable putting a Polypropylene rug underneath a backyard dining set.

Last but not least, these rugs are easy to clean because it's just a fact of life that outdoor rugs get dirty in no time.

When picking furniture and accessories for your outdoor space, we incorporate style and practicality. So this fall season, upgrade your outdoor space with plants, a contemporary rug, and some comfortable cushions, making your backyard THE best space for autumnal get-togethers.

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