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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We first met 3 years ago at a Sunday brunch with our families and mutual friends. Right before the mimosa's started to kick in, we noticed that there was immediately a click. The connection we had quickly made us realize that we need to collaborate and integrate our passions. So after that brunch, we formed a friendship that led to the bonds of both our families. To our delight, we have children of the same age who have become the best of friends. Both our families have a common love for food (and to eat), and we make sure to cook and have dinners together at least once a week. 


After the immediate discovery that both of us were interior designers, we found to our surprise that our lives' trajectories seemed to move in parallel paths until we met here in Dallas. As most young Israelis do, we both traveled the world, and guess what? Out of all the places, we both went on a trip to Australia and New Zealand with our spouses before attending university. To this day, traveling the world, learning, and absorbing different cultures is an integral part of our lives and is a great inspiration for us. We both have the same degree, a Bachelor of Business Administration, which we simultaneously earned at the same university in Tel Aviv (at this point, we still hadn't met!). Although not at the same time, we lived in Tel Aviv on the same street in nearby houses; Vered lived there while studying at university until moving to Chicago while Dana lived there for the last 5 years before moving to Dallas. We both decided to change careers and realize an old love that always struck us- Interior design. Vered studied at DCC in Dallas, and Dana studied in Tel Aviv in Studio 6b. We have a shared love for fashion, and those who know us know that sometimes we will come to a meeting dressed in the same outfit, and strangely without knowing or any coordination of the sort. 


So, we got acquainted, became friends, and practically almost fell in love (haha!), and decided to open our studio, a boutique studio that represents who we are, where we came from, our self-belief, our clear line of thinking, and our love for fashion and aesthetics. Art is an integral part of our life and work. We make sure to visit galleries and museums and always draw inspiration from them. It is vital for us to keep in touch with local galleries and galleries from around the world because, as far as we are concerned, art is part of our work process and part of the puzzle of home design.


What do we love... 

Favorite color: Obviously, black for both of us! 

Fashion designer: Vered- Miuccia Prada // Dana- Isabel Marant

Favorite artist: Vered- Kadishman // Dana-Jean Michel Basquiat

Favorite architect: Vered- Le Corbusier // Dana- Tadao Ando

Favorite food: Vered- Croissant // Dana - Bread with butter

Favorite city in the world: Vered- Paris // Dana- New York

Nature or City? The city, for sure. 

Heels or Flats? Flats!

Straight or Curvy lines? Straight as a ruler.

Open or Closed space? Open as much as possible.


These are a few of the things we love, and during our design process, our goal is to discover your personality, your loves, and your dreams. 

 We make your Dream our Vision. 

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