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As you probably know by now, D+V design is a woman-owned interior design boutique studio. We believe in equality and that women can do anything! So we teach our daughters (and one boy…) to follow their dreams!!

This month, we chose to introduce to you these 3 amazing women. Each one highly successful in her own field, inspiring us in our everyday lives and design work.

MARIA GRAZIA CHIURI, Dior's Creative Director for women's collections, believes it imperative to encourage young women to become future leaders. "Women are very present in the workplace, but too often they are not in leadership positions. And I believe that women can bring so much to the table because they have such a different approach, based on sharing and teamwork."

As the first woman to hold this position, she has built on the theme of female empowerment highlighted at Dior.

“Fashion is a way to play with your personality,” she says. “One day you dress sexy, another day like a queen. The important thing is that it’s your choice.”

If you haven't had a chance to view her notable collaborations with dancers/ choreographers, including the very talented SHARON EYAL, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!

Maria Grazia Chiuri poses during a fitting session at Christian Dir’s Haute Couture fashion house in Paris on January 20,2021 STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/ Getty Image

FAYE TOOGOOD is a British designer and one of the most interesting present-day designers/artists. Her fascination with form-giving and materiality is expressed by creating eye-catching furniture, interior, installations, and sculptures and the unisex workwear-inspired clothing that she designs with her younger sister, Erica.

Toogood's work ranges from a sculptural quality, an appreciation for traditional crafts, and a strong sense of narrative. She is known for the scope of her wide-ranging practice rather than for a particular medium, so to designate her as a designer feels like a shortcut.

One of our favorite creations by Toogood is the Roly-Poly chair, and the spade chair BOTH are super creative, like a piece of art in your space.

INNER WORKINGS | A Roly-Poly chair in the foyer. Photo: Felix Odell for WSJ. Magazine

“.... what we’re wearing, what we’re sitting on and the space we’re living in, that’s all part of the same language.’ — Faye Toogood

Go visit her to-o-g-o-o-d website; you won't regret it!

DOMINIQUE CRENN, from a French orphanage to her third Michelin star—the only woman in the U.S. to have three stars.

Dominique Crenn is the chef and co-owner of the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. Artistry is at the forefront in her eyes at her restaurant, cuisine is a craft, and the community is an inspiration. In our eyes, "Atelier" can be defined as a studio or workshop, a creative concept which drives Crenn's vision for fine French dining. Her distinctive heritage and insane imagination behind the stove at Atelier Crenn are a clear reflection of her unique life story.

While her love of creating artful and exquisite cuisine is at her core, Crenn has a special place in her heart for nature. Bleu Belle Farm, located in Sonoma, is her very own farm where she cultivates ingredients and develops sustainable, healthy recipes.

Dominique Crenn is known for her personality- warm and inviting. If you enjoy cooking and food prep, she is a must to follow. She appeared in Chef's Table (season 2,a documentary on Netflix, and an endless stream of interviews on social media.

Considered the world's best female chef by many, she wears many hats. She is a powerful advocate for social justice and saving the planet. Her recent book, Rebel Chef, is a powerful illustration of how women hold power to become forces for change both in and out of their respective industries — and across the world.

"It's not just about serving organic food, or putting organic grains in my casserole—it's understanding what we are doing with the world."

"Food is the soul of the society," she says. "Food is very political. Everything is connected with food: immigration, social economy, climate change, farming. It's humanity. Food is a vehicle to conversation and change, but it's also art. And art is also a vehicle for conversation and change. And to bring those together is interesting to me." However, being vocal and an advocate for what you believe in should also be enjoyable. "Of course, the goal is also to have fun and to eat beautiful food."


We love finding inspirational women and highly believe in the idea of women supporting women. In a male-dominated world, it is so important to raise other women up rather than bringing others down, regardless of the industry they work in. We hope you enjoyed learning about these inspirational women and feel encouraged to go out there and conquer the world!


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