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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

If you know us, or even simply have the chance to take a glimpse at our Instagram page (which we highly recommend @interiordesignby_dv), you know that Black and White are both our go-to colors. These two colors are actually our go-to colors in many aspects of our life, not just paint...


  • The brightness of White can create a sense of space and add highlights. We often use the color white to make rooms seem more extensive and more spacious.

  • Here are some of the positive meanings that White can convey: freshness, and simplicity. The color white often symbolizes a blank slate, symbolizing a new beginning or a fresh start. For us, it is a blank canvas to show off the art and pieces of furniture we pick for a space.

  • White represents purity, and to us, that means cleanliness. A clean space= 2 happy designers!

The options in undertones, finishes, and tones are endless, and each one has a different impact.

These are the 3 white paints we think could work well in every home:

ALABASTER by Sherwin Williams: A neutral, soft, off-white, this paint color is a flawless must. It is only slightly velvety, offering a super warm and cozy feeling. It serves as the perfect calming white for any space in your house.

MARSHMALLOW by Sherwin Williams: This paint color has an undertone of pink. Hence, you need to use a primer before applying the paint itself. We love this color for its softness and mystery as well as its welcoming and smooth nature.

SIMPLY WHITE by Benjamin Moore: We use it on practically EVERYTHING. Walls, ceilings, cabinetry, trim, you name it. It's one of those colors that adapts to a space. It looks warm when paired with warm tones and cool when paired with cool tones. We'd call it a classic.

White studio + black touches

White kitchen + black stools


Did you know that Black isn't a primary, secondary, or tertiary color? In fact, Black isn't even on the color wheel because it isn't considered a color. It's actually the absorption and immersion of all the colors! You learn something new every day :)

Black evokes positive associations, including attractiveness, elegance, and sophistication. That's why so many people choose to don black clothing when attending a fancy event. When it comes to high society, the color black has long been associated with power. From priests to judges, tuxedos to credit cards.

Black can be used in many applications, from hardware to wall color, and everywhere in between, we love it! We weave black details into almost every project.

Adding a touch of black paint to a space is one of the best ways to add drama and depth and take your home one step out of the ordinary, one-toned look. However, it's not so simple to find that perfect paint color for your space, especially when it comes to Black. It can be hard to commit to this bold color, especially When you have no idea which shade to pick. Don't fear! We can always help you! :)

These are the 3 black paint color we favorite the most:

BLACK MAGIC by Sherwin Williams: This paint color is a soft black that works excellent on walls (and doors) in an eggshell or satin finish. We also used it on built-in cabinets in a living room to get this wow look and create a focal point.

SOOT by Benjamin Moore: You'll see this one being recommended a lot online, and it's because it is a perfect grey-black. It's more of a warm charcoal as opposed to straight-up Black. This one won't feel too cold yet still creates that dramatic effect. We recommended this color for walls especially.

GREEN BLACK by Sherwin Williams: This is an eccentric color: It is a green-black color with undertones of blue finished with a matte polish. We love using this color in offices or even just interior walls in general. We recently used it on a built-in library in a reading room.

Black built-ins

Black fire place



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