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Make your statement

We make statements every day. Our clothes, accessories, music - these are all powerful manifestations of who we are. With artistic designs and a wide array of materials, colors, and textures, we invite you to express yourself with a home design as unique as you are.

Building a personal mood board and sharing it with your interior designer is a great way to get started. Based on your ideas and collages, we can help you make your personal statement become a reality.

*April 2019 memories from Milano

How to start...

Pin it!

One of our favorite ways to get started on a mood board and develop your style is by using Pinterest. This platform allows you to digitally pin images to a personal board. It is filled with inspiring photos and videos, ensuring a steady flow of interior design ideas, trends, and tips.

Get the creative juices flowing

To some, it seems to be a bit of a struggle to get started. However, an excellent strategy we tend to implement in our daily lives and a tip we love to give to our clients is simply brainstorming. This can mean whatever brainstorming means to you. It can range from something as basic as words, colors, and feelings to something more specific such as brands you love, materials, and themes. This thinking all contributes to the development of not only your mood board but, essentially, your style.

There is NO limit!

When creating your interior design mood board, don't limit yourself. Fashion, food, architecture, and nature will spark inspiration on your board and help add context to your personal story.

Have fun and experiment

The perfect mood board is constantly evolving. As you change, so does your style. Once you have begun to immerse yourself in the process of discovering what your style is, you'll start to draw inspiration from all around you, as we talked about in the previous paragraph. Once you add these elements and ideas to your board, it will quickly become a continuously evolving personal expression.

Clean it up

Okay. You have succeeded in creating a personal mood board filled with unique ideas, themes, and trends. Now what? For the board to become a helpful tool, you need to clean it up and sharpen it. This could mean organizing your board into several different subsections with more specific themes or just taking a look at what it communicates as a whole and if that's what you truly want.

Take it to a professional

Here at D+V Design, we start every design project with a mood board/inspiration board to inspire our clients and get as precise as possible with o

We have many years of experience working with mood boards, and we would love to give you feedback on yours.

When you share your ideas with a professional and adjust your thoughts accordingly, you'll find that your board serves as a fantastic tool that sets a clear direction for your personal statement.


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