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D+V design is an interior design studio specializing in residential interior based in Dallas.
Built upon the belief that design is a way of life, our approach is simple: to create graceful and efficient structures and interiors that combine functionality, comfort, and versatility with a modern and clean design.
Implementing your dreams, desires and needs into your personalized home that reflects your comfortable and stylish life.


Vered Shrem

believes that a high paced life can still showcase your own personality. She has a BBA from Tel-Aviv University and an AD in interior design from DCC. As a designer, she knows the importance of creating a space that is as versatile as it is authentic. When Vered is not designing she is sharing her passion of fashion with her three girls.


Dana Raveh

is inspired by the quality timeless design adds to one's home. She has a BBA from Tel-Aviv University and a degree in interior design from Studio 6B, Tel-Aviv. Since she was  young, Dana has always felt the joy interior design can add to your life and hopes to spread that to her clients. When Dana is not designing, she is traveling with her family and getting inspired by the urban culture the world has to offer.

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